And again - 68north!

28. April 2015

As many of you know we are back again on the Lofoten islands.

Staying again at Anne-Gerd's Lofoten Guesthouse - well, where else could you stay? It is just the best!

This time i won't write a lot - but just show some photos of Frank, Natascha and me (watch the signature) to speak for themselves.

I will add photos (well I will do my very best) every day ;-)

So here we go!


3 flights done

First day - first hike.

New shoes

View from Smoerdalskammen


Reflections in the sea upside down

Reflections for a painter

Happy hiking

Catching the light near Utakleiv

Going to Nesland today - a fantastic hike. 

I suddenly heard a noise from the water...and there he was...a big whale passing only 20 meters away from the coastline.

Sadly i did not have the camera in my hands...but the picture will remain in my heart.




So after having missed to take a photo of the whale i prepared myself to be ready in case he would show off again.

He did not :-( 

But he did!


If two fight for something - they both might loose.


And then there is this game of "good weather - bad weather".

A Lofoten proverb says: If you don't like the actual weather - just wait a minute!

Oh wait...and then there was Mr. Moose - what a luck this time.

This part ends with the magic light you only find on the Lofoten.

Myrland and Utakleiv.

So a few days passed where i did not find the time to edit my photos.

I am far behind...but i am on holiday - right?


Lonely cloud

These two days have been full of sun.

The sun still goes down for about 2 hours - but it is not getting dark anymore at night. 

In the mountains people are still skiing while we saw some fearless Norwegians going for a swim at this beach.



Reine is a really pretty little city surrounded by a fantastic landscape.

And - they do have a Café that has opened all year around!

Btw. - who would ever think of camping under all this fish?

Confinement to one's room

With this weather we have to hike up on a mountain and reach the peak before sunset.

Anne-Gerd and Svein-Tore will be our guides again :-)

It is a steep steep way. Two short passages are testing our head for hight limits.

But it really is worth the effort!

Just starting...

The helping hand

The lake is at around 250 meters...and you always start on 0 meters on the Lofoten

I promise...tomorrow some photos with bad weather!

Bad weather.

Bridge to nowhere

What is "bad weather"?

Being on the Lofoten i have the impression this famous "bad weather" does not exist.

Yes - it rained today - and some heavy wind. But still - this landscape gets interesting and beautiful in another way. 

And we went out - for a very short hike including a visit to Nusfjord.

But first things first...we had to change our tires. No spikes any more! Spring is coming!

Thank you, Raine!

Welcome to Nusfjord

Open End

Kitchen View

Bare fisk

Room with a view

Back to thing is for sure. It will change.