Arctic Horizon
Part 2/2

Lofoten Part 3

This is the last post from the Lofoten Islands. 

Two weeks here is just not enough. Every time I visit the islands I have the impression I still missed so many great things.

Maybe this is the reason why I am out hiking every single day. Some hikes are really very exhausting...imagine 5 hours on snowshoes uphill and downhill while trying to keep up with 2 group members on ski. 

But every walking tour here is worth the effort...believe me!


But let's start with the obvious...the northern lights. I was not very lucky this time. They were not very strong or very active. The good thing was I got a little more sleep as there was no reason to go out at night.

Now let's talk about the weather.

People always ask me about the weather and the amount of daylight when I tell them about my trip.

When still in Sweden I was a little frustrated as there was no snow on the Lofoten. On top it rained since weeks and the temperature was around +5 degrees.

Sweden was wonderful and the weather more than perfect. Would my luck with the weather end here? On my way from Abisko to Narvik it started to rain and that's nothing you dream of travelling in February far above the polar circle.

But then, one day later, the weather changed. It started to snow on the Lofoten and the temperature dropped below 0 degrees. For the next 14 days the forecast was just wonderful. Sun, clouds, wind, snow...all these unbelievable weather changes that happen here within every single day.

Daylight... - it is not dark here in the north in February. When my trip started the days were not shorter than in Germany. But here the days get longer and longer very fast. Around 1 hour per week - and end of May you have 24 hours of light!

A photographers dream. 

One of my hikes was going up to Smoerdalskammen. Normally a very nice and easy path...but this time we started from another location. It got steeper and steeper and with all the snow, ice and wind it was not easy at all. In fact I really had some problems getting up as I did not put my spikes on. I felt really insecure and was quite happy reaching the top. I would say that little very steep part was the limit I could do that day ... I really should have used proper equipment ...

But the view from the top was worth it!

Natascha, Anne Gerd, Eva and Frank ... 

Of course we also visited some of the wonderful little villages and went to the beaches. 


And then there was that very special day...!

Natascha said YES! :-)

A Flower for Natascha

Lofoten once again were just fantastic - in every single way!